Tyler — Product Designer based in Oakland, CA

The Fetch MD team came to thoughtbot with the idea to apply the Uber model to house calls and doctor visits. Similarly to a ridesharing app they needed an app for patients and an app for their medical practitioners. Dawn Delatte in our Austin office started this project long before I did, and abstracted her work out into a design system (thanks Dawn! 🙌🏾).

Dawn and I worked in Sketch across four files and used Abstract to manage these files and keep everything up to date.

With Dawn’s system taking over the brunt of the visual design, I was able to focus on UX as I worked through the patient app. Our client had dreams of this app being a users' center for wellness even they weren’t ill, but we urged them to focus on a simpler, more patient-focused flow as an MVP, making sure users who weren’t feeling well could easily get help.

RoleUX, Design Systems, Mobile Design Forwww.fetchmd.com/

Our app shared a lot with ride sharing apps, so we took time to understand what ride sharing and food delivery apps were doing and understand their differences.

Fetch MD providers can see a queue of the appointments they have.

Fetch MD walks providers through a service step by step to make sure they don’t miss anything, and to enforce documentation.